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It's going to be transported on the same business enterprise working day. For those who area your order soon after 1pm (AEST), It will probably be transported on the subsequent business enterprise day. 

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Created from 100% japanese organic cotton which has not been chemically treated, bleached or pigmented. Raised without the use of...

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shopify.com/s/documents/1/0811/2259/solutions/Syringe_3ml10ml5ml_2daa33fc-bca0-4820-be65-1e12cac09ab9.png?v=1506274487"],"featured_image":"//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/one/0811/2259/goods/Syringe_3ml10ml5ml_2daa33fc-bca0-4820-be65-1e12cac09ab9.png?v=1506274487","options":["Dimensions"],"written content":"u003ctableu003enu003ctbodyu003enu003ctru003enu003ctdu003enu003ch5u003eLatex freeu003c/h5u003enu003ch5u003eSafety u0026amp; Accuracyu003c/h5u003enu003ch5u003eHighly Translucent Polypropylene for Ease of Looking through Measured Volumesu003c/h5u003enu003ch5u003eSpecially Formulated Gasket Elastomer guarantees precise u0026amp; Clean movement your entire length of Barrelu003c/h5u003enu003ch5u003eSafety Plunger Stopper assures no spillageu003c/h5u003enu003ch5u003eSafety Configuration and Thumb Grip assures secure grip without any rolling of Syringe on uneven surface areau003c/h5u003enu003ch5u003eSterile and separately wrappedu003c/h5u003enu003ch5u003eExceptional Clarityu003c/h5u003enu003c/tdu003enu003c/tru003enu003c/tbodyu003enu003c/desku003enu003cpu003e u003c/pu003enu003cpu003e u003c/pu003enu003cpu003eu003cspanu003e3/five/10ml Syringe sealed Sterile ideal for drawing E-Juice or Concentrates and is a necessity for Do-it-yourselfu003c/spanu003eu003c/pu003e" all Syringe 3ml/5ml/10ml

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